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01 / 31 / 2001
  • NeoPocott/SDL Win32 progress report !!!
  • - Posted by Niels Wagenaar

    Not only the SUN Solaris port is making progress, but also the NeoPocott/SDL Win32 port! A while ago, I got DirectX to compile on my Cygwin distribution with SDL. The only problem is that DirectX is only initialized in fullscreenmode. I'll post a pre-release of the port tonight on the Official NeoPocott/SDL website! But as a teaser, here's a screenshot of the current SDL Win32 port with screensizing and scanline implemented :

    Keep your eyes on the official NeoPocott/SDL website!
  • NeoPocott works on SUN Solaris !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Yes it works !
    Thanks to Voodoo, we'll soon have a SUN Solaris port of NeoPocott/SDL. He managed to rebuild Niels SDL version of NeoPocott...That was a pain because a few things differ from Linux/BeOS stuff.

    Click here to see a screenshot of NeoPocott/SDL Sun Solaris!
01 / 30 / 2001
  • Playstation ports of NeoPocott !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Due to legal issues, the Official PS2 port of NeoPocott is discontinued. But things are not completely dead, the author of this former port will now work on a PSX (PS1) port of NeoPocott. We wish him the best for it. More news soon !!!

    What is more, a new member has proposed to work on a new PS2 port of NeoPocott! We hope this time that no legal threats will prevent the project to become a reality...

    NeoPocott for PS1 and NeoPocott for PS2 soon ;-)
01 / 28 / 2001
  • BoycottAdvance news !!!
  • - Updated by Gollum

    After a few hours of coding on this GBA emulator this weekend, I managed to get a demo working a bit. Here is a screenshot to prove it. What is more, thanks to all the people who sent mails of encouraging after the death of my pet dog Elsa a few days ago.

    Please Visit the Official BoycottAdvance Site for more news.
01 / 26 / 2001
  • BoyCottAdvance Status Report...
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Not really related to NeoPocott but since I also work on other projects that could bind each other in the MultiPocott project, I think it is interesting for you to hear news about these developments...
    After two hours studying the ARM cpu docs, I figured out how to make a fast and reliable debugger/emulator for the GBA. I have to rewrite from scratch all the debugger/emulator stuff but this new cpu core will be very accurate, faster and easier to write. More news soon... If I manage to get a GBA demo working, I will post screenshots here so

  • *Cott Status Report...
  • - Posted by Gollum

    - I have already tested two versions of NeoPocott/SDL Win32 and is already quite great with all the current Linux features. It was not as fast as it could be since DirectX code was not used in this SDL build. But things will improve soon, thanks to Niels.
    A pre-release for beta testers should come on this weekend !
    - I worked a bit on BoycottAdvance (the GBA emulator), adding and improving the memory manager. Many registers and gfx stuff are now supported.
    - After reading and studying some Win32 sound/wave source code, I figured out how to add sound to my Windows ports. I will try first with Boycott, my GB/GBC emulator and maybe later when the Z80 emulation would be completed, to add sound to NeoPocott.
    Good news indeed...

  • NeoPocott/SDL for... Win32 News !!!

  • Niels did it !!!
    Yes, that's true, the NeoPocott/SDL now works great under Windows !!!
    That means, that you'll have now the choice to use the original *slow* Win32 version of the new *fast* SDL/Win32 version.
    Stay tuned for more news !

    Metal Slug running in NeoPocott/SDL Win32 ;-)
    I am very happy... =8o)

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott/SDL Site for more news.
01 / 25 / 2001
  • NeoPocott Status Report...

  • I will certainly work on NeoPocott on this evening and I will try to integrate the most possible things, maybe try to add a few things or optimize a bit more the gfx display. Here is a working plan (in no particular order):
    - Add B/W support (NGP)
    - Merge Judge code
    - Test and maybe add Mic optimization code for display
    - Test and maybe add my own optimization code for display
    - Try a few games to see any further compatibility improvements
    - Test a few non-working games to see what could be wrong
    - Add/Fixes/Optimize a bit the cpu core
    - (WIN32) Optimize display with debugger enabled
    - (WIN32) Fixes/Improve/Add gfx debugging features
    - (WIN32) Try zip/gzip support for using Niels code
    - (WONDERSCOTT) Start working on WonderScott (I dunno what it could emulate...), looking for docs...
    - (BOYCOTTADVANCE) Advance a bit the emulator/debugger to run at least a demo
    - (BOYCOTT) Add GBP support & SGB support
    - (MULTIPOCOTT) Make a first compilable version with GB/GBC/NGP/NGPC support
    - (GGCOTT/LYNCOTT) Start working on it, porting Judge code
    - (VMSCOTT) Start working on it, looking for docs...

    For any help, questions, feedback or support, please mail me at

  • Thanks to Judge, here is a screenshot of Dark Arms - Beast Busters in NeoPocott 0.39b1. As you can see, there are no more gfx glitches !!!
    What is more, maybe other games work better now...
    Judge Inside ;-)
01 / 24 / 2001
  • NeoPocott/SDL Linux FreeBSD and NeoPocott/SDL Win32 News !!!

  • Niels made some progresses again...
    He successfully managed to build a NeoPocott/SDL Linux for FreeBSD. Since he used a beta version of FreeBSD 4.0, he need to get a valid FreeBSD distribution before releasing it.
    What is more, he also managed to use gcc for Win32 with SDL. A NeoPocott/SDL Win32 could be possible ! Since the current Win32 version of NeoPocott is slow, such SDL port could bring highly better speed, joystick/joypad support as well as all the options of the current NeoPocott/SDL (zip/gzip support).
    Again, stay tuned for more news about these ports...
    May the force be with you, Niels!

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott/SDL Site for more news.
  • NeoPocott for Java and NeoPocott DirectX !!!

  • Thanks to the welcome of Cypiria, a new talented coder, you can expect new versions of NeoPocott.
    One is a DirectX port, that means highly faster than the Win32 version, all joystick support and tons of other things.
    Second one is the NeoPocott for Java project ! We planned to release a NeoPocott for Java standalone application and also a NeoPocott for Java online.
    Of course, more news soon about these two projects, all you need to know atm is that Cypiria is already working hard on these...
  • NeoPocott in Brazilian & Portuguese soon !!!

  • Two new translated versions of NeoPocott 0.38b Win32 are in the works! It'll soon be possible to get a brazilian version and a portuguese version of NeoPocott. Stay tuned!
  • NeoPocott/SDL (Linux, BeOS, Unix) News !!!

  • Well, it seems we have some troubles to build new versions of the NeoPocott/SDL version from Niels. But we are working on the makefile and we are trying to see what could be wrong. More news soon.
    Good luck and all my wishes for Anarko, Voodoo and Niels for this!

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott/SDL Site for more news.
  • NeoPocott for PocketPC News !!!

  • Thanks to _Jc_, the italian guy that already translated NeoPocott Win32 in Italian, the next release of NeoPocott PocketPC will be in English, French and Italian !
    Good news for foreign users...

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott for PocketPC Site for more news.
01 / 22 / 2001
  • NeoPocott/SDL (BeOS & Linux) News !!!

  • Here is what Niels Wagenaar planned to add to the next release of NeoPocott/SDL:
    - Bug fixing .zip .gz support (needs some work done)
    - Joystick/Joypad support
    - Frontend (no gui in the program itself, but a frontend will be initially created)
    - Windows resizing (I got it figured out before, but now it doesn't work, long live debugging!)

    He also mentioned that he needs the users' help for improving.
    Feel free to post bugs and comments in the NeoPocott/SDL forum!

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott/SDL Site for more news.
01 / 19 / 2001
  • New Home for BeNeoPocott and NeoPocott Linux/SDL !!!

  • Niels Wagenaar is proud to introduce you his dedicated web site for his two SDL ports of NeoPocott, for BeOS and Linux systems. The site is clear and complete and there is also a dedicated forum about NeoPocott/SDL.

    Please Visit the Official NeoPocott/SDL Site.
01 / 18 / 2001 BeNeoPocott, NeoPocott Linux/SDL, NeoPocott PocketPC RELEASES !!!
01 / 17 / 2001
  • NeoPocott/SDL Linux & BeNeoPocott Releases for tonight !!!

  • Niels Wagenaar strikes back !
    He promised to release three builds for tonight !!!

    Here is what'll be new in both BeNeoPocott and NeoPocott/SDL Linux 0.3:
    - fixes the nasty keyboard handling bug (Niels Wagenaar)
    - release in .tar.gz instead of .zip for Linux (thanks to Mr.Squich idea) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - gzip/zip file support for roms !!! (Niels Wagenaar)
    - some enhancements (Niels Wagenaar)
    - a few bug fixes (Niels Wagenaar)
    - a frontend for BeNeoPocott (Jeffro/Niels Wagenaar)

    STAY TUNED !!!

  • NeoPocott/SDL news !!!

  • A NeoPocott/SDL Linux build for Debian Linux systems is under construction. What is more, we could also provide soon a NeoPocott/SDL Unix build for SUN Solaris !!!
    Do not forget too to check this site for the new BeOS version that could be out tonight...

  • New Affiliate Site Added

  • I added a french site about the Neogeo Pocket Color to the Affiliates.

    Please visit the Unofficial French Neogeo Pocket Color Site.
  • NeoPocott PocketPC news !!!

  • It seems a new release could be out for the weekend. Mic... is finishing his new gfx library which could help to improve the port of the emulator.
01 / 16 / 2001 D-DAY !!!
  • NeoPocott Linux/SDL just released !!!

  • Well, here is the very awaited Linux port of NeoPocott !!!
    Two binaries are available: one for RedHat 6.x Linux systems and one for RedHat 7.0 (latest beta only). Choose the one that suits you. These RedHat versions should also work nicely on SuSE, Mandrake, Caldera OpenLinux, Yellow Dog & Red Flag Linux distributions...
    Please report any problem for these builds to either Niels Wagenaar or myself.
    Stay tuned for more builds... and the BeOS port (to be out tonight).

    Download NeoPocott/SDL Linux.
01 / 12 / 2001 J-2
  • NeoPocott Linux/SDL featured at Retrofaction !!!

  • Go head to Retrofaction for plenty of nice screenshots from the forthcoming NeoPocott Linux/SDL release !

    Please visit this site for screenshots of NeoPocott Linux/SDL.
  • NeoPocott Linux/SDL & NeoPocott Unix/SDL News !!!

  • Well, Niels will try to release on Sunday the NeoPocott Linux/SDL for all these Linux distributions:
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL RedHat
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL SuSE
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Mandrake
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Corel Linux
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Slackware
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Debian
    If things run smoothly, you could also see:
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Caldera
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Yellow Dog
    - NeoPocott Linux/SDL Red Flag

    What is more, we'll try to have 80x86 and Dec Alpha binaries for most platforms...
    All Linux users should enjoy !

    Niels will also try to build a NeoPocott Unix/SDL !!!
    Just imagine:
    - NeoPocott Unix/SDL FreeBSD (Sparc, Alpha and 80x86)
    - NeoPocott Unix/SDL Solaris (Sparc, 80x86)

    In order to manage to build all these releases, we need some people to port/compile NeoPocott on their particular platform ! All SDL porters are welcomed and should contact either Niels Wagenaar or me.
    STAY TUNED !!!

01 / 11 / 2001 J-3
  • Tiny NeoPocott WIP

  • - Optimize when no sprite priorities (Gollum)
    - Start optimizing sprite sorting function (Gollum)

    Here is a current speed test...
    Sonic 0.39b1 153 FPS
    Sonic 0.38b 167 FPS
    Well, all you can say is that it is slower... Actually, debugger stuff was not available in 0.38b. In current build, debugger stuff is included and slowdown the Windows version. I will try to see if I can find a way to allow users to disable debug if they want full speed...
    Stay tuned for a new speed test and some more news (I will try to work a bit on NeoPocott for this weekend) !
01 / 10 / 2001 J-4
  • Nicer design in progress

  • I changed the pages to be a little smoother and nice to look ;-)
  • NeoPocott WIP !!!

  • - (WIN32) Add a Show FPS option (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Add a frame skip menu (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Fixes Vsync/No vsync mode (Gollum)

    People can now enable or disable vsync and FPS counter at anytime while playing a game !
01 / 09 / 2001 J-5
  • NeoPocott Linux screenshots flood !

  • Here are some cool screenshots of the forthcoming NeoPocott Linux/SDL.
    What is more, Niels Wagenaar added a feature to swap from Neogeo Pocket Colour Mode to Neogeo Pocket Classic (B/W) Mode while playing games !
    A cool GUI is also in the works for both the Linux & BeOS ports...(OpenGL support will be worked on again after the GUI is made).

    Metal Slug 1st Mission Cool Boarders Pocket Sonic Pocket Adventure
    Sonic Pocket Adventure Magical Drop Pocket

  • Small changes to Web site design

  • I slightly improved a few things in these pages : menu & links design are a bit nicer and I put the disclaimer in another page.
  • Rumor...

  • NeoPocott... Java... Online...
  • NeoPocott Linux & BeOS to be Released on 14th !

  • Niels Wagenaar is about to release his very awaited NeoPocott Linux/SDL port as well as a new version of BeNeoPocott for January, 14th 2001. He also mentioned that he will send plenty of screenshots to wet your appetite tomorrow !
    Stay tuned !

  • NeoPocott 0.38b Documentation in Italian just added !!!

  • As usual, NoFX has updated his translation for the NeoPocott 0.38b General Documentation. Enjoy !

    Download NeoPocott 0.38b General Documentation in Italian.
01 / 08 / 2001
  • NeoPocott Amiga WarpUp & Amiga DE News !!!

  • Colin Ward was away for a long time so we have no news from his side. Well, it seems it will manage to release shortly an Amiga DE port when all compiler problems will be solved (we hope so). He will also maybe try to bring to life his unreleased Amiga WarpUp port... Stay tuned !
  • NeoPocott Linux & BeOS News (UPDATE)

  • Niels Wagenaar will soon give a release date for his forthcoming version. Please be aware that he has some troubles to work on his port. We can hope that he'll manage to release it at least at the end of the week... Please be patient...
  • NeoPocott available on a great German Software Database !

  • BeNeoPocott 0.38b4, NeoPocott 0.38b Windows & NeoPocott 0.36b5 Linux Console are available on Computer Channel ! This company currently offers one of the largest and the most frequented software databases on the German Internet. They are constantly expanding to offer a full archive of English titles as well like NeoPocott.

    NeoPocott 0.38b Windows entry on Computer Channel Software Database.
    BeNeoPocott 0.38b4 BeOS entry on Computer Channel Software Database.
    NeoPocott 0.36b5 Linux-Console entry on Computer Channel Software Database.

  • Sad NeoPocott Linux & BeOS News !!!

  • Niels Wagenaar could not release his port until next weekend so you'll have to wait a little more. We are sorry for this... Stay tuned !
  • NeoPocott WIP !!!

  • - (WIN32) Fixes Debugger/Emulator display (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Fixes/Improve Gfx debugging features (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Fixes/Optimize display with Win32 (Gollum)
    - (WIN32) Removed some unnecessary features (Gollum)
    - Fixes/Optimize fake emulation for b/w palette rendering (Gollum)
    - Fixes/Improve outside window color emulation (Gollum)
    - Fixes/Optimize general palette rendering (Gollum)
01 / 05 / 2001
  • NeoPocott Linux & BeOS News !!!

  • Niels Wagenaar received some interesting feedback about NeoPocott SDL/Linux & BeNeoPocott beta testing. A real good speed increase was noticed and playing with the switches allow to really speed up things... The linux version start to be very awaited given the amount of emails received about the previous screenshot !
    In the cool news, a dedicated NeoPocott/SDL homepage will be created soon !
    What is more, Niels is still busy with work on a new and even again faster graphics core. Stay tuned !

  • Lacking news...

  • No more news from the PS2 side, the Amiga WarpUp/Amiga DE side...I hope we'll hear about them soon. I expect also the come back of Champipi, our official gfx designer for upcoming icons, logos, animations, t-shirts and caricatures of authors ! In the same way, I am waiting for news about the portuguese/brazilian versions of NeoPocott and also, some private news from the BoycottAdvance fame !
    I will personally try to work a bit this weekend on NeoPocott so expect a few updates...
01 / 04 / 2001
  • NeoPocott Linux & BeOS WIP !!!

  • Niels Wagenaar is working hard these days. NeoPocott SDL-Linux & a new BeNeoPocott version are in beta testing stages.
    Here is what's new in this forthcoming release:
    - Windowssize change : 2x and 4x (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Speed and vsync switches (for speeding some things up) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Frameskip switch (1 through 10) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Better keyhandling implented (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Partially rewrote the graphics handling (some bit faster) (Niels Wagenaar)
    The OpenGL support need more work to be achieved so you'll have to wait a bit for this feature. Anyway, with OpenGL enabled, the emulator is about 150% faster on BeOS !!!
    Stay tuned for these two very soon releases !
01 / 03 / 2001
  • NeoPocott Linux screenshots !!!

  • Linux users, enjoy !
    Niels Wagenaar has just sent a screenshot of NeoPocott Linux (using SDL) running Biomotor Unitron ! The testing system is a P2-350 running Linux Red Hat 7.0 (kernel 2.4.0-test12 + X4.01 + SDL). Stay tuned for a release soon !!!

    Here is what is planned for a release on this weekend:
    - Hopefully resolved the keyboard bug (BeOS/Linux) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Harware acceleration with SDL (Linux only) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Metal Slug 2 and Sonic now _really_ run (compile definer had type error :) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Ingame speed setting (BeOS/Linux) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Ingame vsync setting (BeOS/Linux) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Some graphical speedups (BeOS) (Niels Wagenaar)
    - Graphical installer for Linux using Loki's setup utility (Niels Wagenaar)
    - And maybe the OpenGL support for BeOS users (and possibly Linux users!) (Niels Wagenaar)

  • NeoPocott MsDos news !

  • - Add scanline mode (Anarko)
    - Add 2x zoom mode (Anarko)
    - Add smoothed 2x zoom mode (Anarko)

  • NeoPocott DreamCast news !

  • Brian Peek has updated his web site dedicated to NeoPocott DreamCast. A new Discjuggler image was released and a new Nero image is under construction. What is more, he also added a survey section which I would recommand to everyone !!!

    Please visit the Official NeoPocott DreamCast Site.
01 / 02 / 2001 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  • NeoPocott WIP (Judge counterstrike ! Could someone stop him ?)

  • - Fixes a bug in Sprites rendering causing some sprites not to be displayed (Judge)
    - Start working on Neogeo Pocket Classic (B/W) emulation (Judge)
    - Clean up the CHG instruction (Judge)
    - Fixes (aarrghhh !) a PostIncrement bug for many opcodes (Judge)
    - Add all left ANDCF/ORCF/XORCF/TSET/MIRR/LDCF/PAA/MULA/LINK/UNLK/RRD/LDD/LDDR/CPI/CPD opcodes to the cpu core !!! (Judge)

  • BeNeoPocott & NeoPocott Linux news !!!

  • Do not forget to send a mail to Niels Wagenaar if you are interested in OpenGL support. As for now, he only received one reply to his request. Send him an e-mail if you think that OpenGL could be a nifty feature for BeNeoPocott.
  • NeoPocott News & Rumors

  • - We are still working on optimizations and we figure out some more ! Big thanks to Mic..., Judge & myself for this continuous work...
    - What is more, a new Linux port is forthcoming thanks to Niels once again ! Stay tuned for some screenshots and a release !
    - Portuguese/Brazilian versions of NeoPocott for Win32 & BeOS are in the works ! Nice news for brazilian people...
    - Thanks to ITO Takayuki, we are working on better compatibility for many japanese only titles (Infinity Cure and the like). His japanese translations are very useful...
    - The debugger is not displayed in latest 0.38b ;-(. This is a known bug that will be hopefully fixed in next release.

  • Boycott news

  • Not really related to NeoPocott but Anarko is still working on the Boycott side. Boycott is our GameBoy emulator not yet fully portable so he is trying to make it fully portable and also to optimize a bit the cpu engine. What is more, this emulation engine will be fully integrated in MultiPocott, our other forthcoming project (a Multiple Handheld emulator).

    Please visit the Official Boycott Site.
    Please visit the Official MultiPocott Site.
  • NeoPocott DreamCast in Edge Magazine !

  • There is a great article in latest issue of the UK Edge Magazine about DreamCast Amateur Developpement. You can find some screenshots and things about NeoPocottDC ! If you want to see some scans of the article, please visit RedAlert's page.

    Please visit this site for scans of latest Edge Magazine issue.
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