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02 / 26 / 2001 - JUDGE IS BACK !!!
  • Many additions by Judge !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Whoa! Judge is back and he worked hard to add many things to the NeoPocott common code...
    Here are the news:
    - add Control Registers support
    - add DMA support
    - add timers support
    - add a new interrupt handling mechanism ala MHE (former Multiple Handheld Emulator by Judge)

    He still need to debug a few things to get all this stuff working perfectly but all I can say is that the compatibility will increase dramatically !!!
    Stay tuned for more news and maybe screenshots of new games working or games working better...

  • More NeoPocott/SDL news !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Here are news from Niels Wagenaar:
    "Sorry but I can't make all builds for today (sunday). I know this is really annoying but I don't have a choice right now because of the busy timeschedule in my private (do I have one? :) life. But I want to make a release tomorrow. At least the BeOS and Linux version!"

    Keep your eyes on the official NeoPocott/SDL website!
  • NeoPocott Indrema port !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Here are news from Niels Wagenaar:
    "Sorry for the long time no news but things were a bit very hactic for the last 3 weeks. After being sick for 2 weeks (see my previous posting) I went back to work and hoped to start on a new version of NeoPocott/SDL. But things back fired a bit. I currently work at a Computer Division of a Dutch IT Company, but I was 2 weeks behind my work and the division had a lot of work for me laying around. Furthermore, I also do the HTS deeltijd education on my which is very time intensive. It took me a lot of time to be on track with school.
    Now I'm on schedule with my work and school and I've started the development of today!! New versions will really be released next weekend. Expect new versions for BeOS, Linux and Win32 next weekend. These versions will be made with the latest (beta) sourcetree available of the NeoPocott emulator Engine (expect more speed).
    And maybe you've heard of it. The Indrema Console, based upon Linux, has dev tools available. I'm planning to start the development of a NeoPocott/SDL version for the Indrema console codenamed : iNeoSDL.
    Expect more news soon!"

    Keep your eyes on the official NeoPocott/SDL website!
02 / 16 / 2001
  • BoycottAdvance news !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Even with my full-time job, I managed to work on BoycottAdvance, our forthcoming GameBoy Advance emulator and we made some nice progresses (speed, compatibility, portable code).
    Here are two screenshots of the ConsoleDev demo (100% PERFECT) and the Chaos89 demo (75% PERFECT). As new demos will work on the emulator, we'll post screenshots here or on the Official BoycottAdvance site.

    Keep your eyes on the official BoycottAdvance website!
  • NeoPocott for PS2 !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Kev' (our PS2 porter) has made some very very nice progresses with the Official Playstation 2 port of NeoPocott. It is already up and running. He is currently working on the GUI.
    NeoPocott for PS2 will be released as an executable and a documentation on how to burn it on a PS2 CD with roms.
    More news soon about speed issues, docs and maybe a first release. Screenshots are forthcoming !

    NeoPocott for PS2 VERY SOON !!! ;-)

  • PSX (PS1) port of NeoPocott !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    The PSX port of NeoPocott do not seem to become a reality, the porter have some troubles with the VRAM... We still dunno how he will manage to get the program working on the PSX due to hardware requirements of Neogeo Pocket emulation!

    NeoPocott for PS1...dead??? ;-(

  • NeoPocott/SDL news !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Not only, I am back but Niels Wagenaar, our Official SDL (BeOS, Linux, Unix, Win32) porter is no more sick ! So you can expect some cool news and releases soon.

    Keep your eyes on the official NeoPocott/SDL website!
  • I'M BACK !!!
  • - Posted by Gollum

    Nice to post here again. Well, it has been a really long time since I posted news to this page. Why ? Because, I am currently overwhelmed by my real job and my real life (yes emulator authors are real people with problems like everyone else...).
    What is more, I had some troubles with the FTP to be able to update from my office and no time to update from home...
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